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Herbalife marketing strategies are single-handedly the most important thing you’ll need in order to achieve Herbalife success. I’m about to reveal the top five Herbalife marketing strategies that you can start to apply in your business to help you sell products and recruit new reps into your organization.Herbalife Marketing Tip #1: Ditch The ‘Old School’ Marketing MethodsThe majority of network marketing sponsors continue to train their downline to get customers and distributors by hassling their friends and family and using the infamous ‘3 foot rule’ (badgering anyone that gets within 3 feet of you). It’s these old school methods, in my opinion, that account for a 97% failure rate in the multi-level marketing industry. The fact of the matter is, that it is near impossible to build an entire empire just based upon the people you know and run into at the mall. That is, unless you are the CFO of a major company and hold the influence of 100’s or 1000’s of people. Otherwise, you’re nearly dead in the water from the start. The Internet is where up and coming Herbalife reps are flourishing, and you’ve got to get online if you expect to reach the top of the pay plan. Consequently, Herbalife marketing tips two through five are going to be made up of online Herbalife marketing techniques that you can bring into your business to help you go full time in the next 3 months.Herbalife Marketing Tip #2: Create a Blog – ‘whoisyourname.com’Forget about your company website – and start a blog. Sending prospects to a replicated Herbalife website will cause them to literally land there, wander around for a few minutes, and leave. You won’t know if they are remotely interested in buying products, or joining your opportunity – and that’s a HUGE problem, especially if you’re doing any type of paid advertising. Another reason for the replicated website not working is because it will only brand Herbalife, not you. See, the reason why people will (or won’t) join you in Herbalife is because of your leadership – and a blog will brand you as a leader right off the bat. Furthermore, prospects who want to learn more about what you are offering can give you their name and email address (we will touch more on that in Herbalife marketing tip #2). I advise you to put together a WordPress blog. They are absolutely free, the only thing that will cost anything is the hosting (around $5 per month from Host Gator), and the domain name (roughly $12 from GoDaddy). So for under $20.00, you are actually in business.Herbalife Marketing Tip #3: Obtain an Email AutoresponderAn email auto-responder that is attached to a lead capture webform on your blog is absolutely vital. The purpose of it is to collect names and email addresses of interested prospects, and so that you can properly follow up. Now, in order for someone to want to give you their name and email, you must promise something in return. Your ‘free gift’ can be anything from a free report to an ebook, that provides value to your subscribers. For example, if your blog is all about the best home based business opportunity, then your eBook could reveal the ten steps to choosing a home based business. The thing you’ve got to understand is that you need to build a relationship of some type with your subscribers prior to pitching your opportunity. There are millions of individuals in network marketing so if you want to achieve herablife success, standing out is an absolute must. Implementing an email autoresponder service like Get Response or Aweber will allow you to stay in touch with prospects on complete auto-pilot and significantly assist you in your Herbalife marketing campaign.Herbalife Marketing Tip #4: Produce Content For Your BlogBefore you do this, you’ve got to decide who your target audience is, and simply create articles and videos that will provide value in helping them get what they’re looking for. If you provide value first, you’ll get faithful subscribers to your blog, and once you’ve got that, you’ll have people that want to join your business without you having to pitch it to them. So, if you’re targeting people who want to make money from home, create valuable content in the form of articles and videos on how you can make money from home.Herbalife Marketing Tip #5: Advertise Your BlogPromotion is the really imperative part of this entire process. If you produce a fine looking blog with great articles, but you’re not marketing it – then who will find it? No one, correct? There are lots of ways you can promote it but the cheapest and easiest way is through article marketing. Since you’ve already created articles for your blog, all you need to do is post the articles in article directories such as EzineArticles, and provide a link that goes back to your blog. The crucial theory here is that you need to get as many links pointing to your blog as possible.

Free Secret Internet Marketing Tips For Starting a Business Online! – Marketing Tips

Getting free Internet marketing tips can cut your learning curve drastically when it comes to starting an online business in hopes of making money online now.Setting up an Internet marketing business can be a wise decision if you’re starting with little or no money and have the desire to succeed.Getting Internet marketing tips and learning from others trials and errors can save you a lot of wasted time and effort in trying different options and techniques.Many successful network marketers today will tell you that they tried many avenues looking for success on the Internet and learning to start an online business isn’t always an easy task. Collecting some internet marketing tips can make setting up your business much easier.Internet marketing tips that you can use is to learn some basic computer skills, often just requiring copy and paste knowledge. You don’t have to become a programmer to be successful.Let’s take a look at some of the Internet marketing tips that you need to get your online business started.I would encourage you to sit down and first draw up a plan. Allow yourself to dream about what success will look like once you have achieved it. It’s important to have a worthwhile dream and to know and understand what it is because that will make you persistent in pursuing it to the end. All the internet marketing tips can’t help you unless you have a well written plan.If you can find someone who’s already successful in the niche that you’re pursing, try to hire him or her as a mentor. Using their experience can be a huge time saver and they can show you the ropes without the wasted time that most Internet marketers fall into. Getting a good mentor can save you a lot of misused time, effort and money.There are a lot of worthless courses being sold to new Internet marketers for top dollar too, I might add so don’t fall prey to internet hype. Some good Internet marketing tips that will help you get started is to think about the things that interest you. Do you have a hobby or an interest that you are passionate about? Find something that peaks your interest, something that is always on your mind and see how that might work as an online business.Whether you’re interested in stamps, coin collecting, or surfing, try starting a club and setup a website for the members. This could attract new members from around the world.Blogging is a great type of website to also setup where you can share ideas, add a discussion group and allow members and yourself to run ads for what you have to offer. Besides the products that your members offer, you may also find other products online that fit into the niche that you’ve chosen.The reason blogs are so great at getting attention for a new product or service, is the fact that you can start to offer your advice and expertise about a certain hobby or interest that you might have. Once you start sharing valuable information, others start to look at you as an authority on the subject, and people love to play follow the Leader.Once you have setup your website you want to automate it and promote it to people that are outside of your club. One Internet marketing tip that has worked well for many is to start a newsletter for everyone interested in your niche. You can automate this process by adding an auto responder to your site. Simply place a signup form with a headline introducing your newsletter and encourage others to opt in, if they would like more information.Once you start a newsletter ask you members to contribute their ideas and tips so that they can be shared with the group. This gets everyone involved. Using an auto responder and automating your mailings is by far one of the best Internet marketing tips that you could receive. Trying to do mailings and keep up with a members list without one is nearly impossible.Once you have a few hundred members and you’re sending out your newsletter weekly or bi monthly you can start to add some advertising at the beginning or the end of the publication. Most people don’t mind this in anyway. People tend to expect this because they know that you do have something called “overhead.”If you chose to setup a blogger site for discussions and comments, you may find it useful to setup a more commercial type website and just offer a direct link from the blog over to the other site. Running an Internet business is also, “a dealing with people business” so setting up a commercial site may be less offensive to some members who just want to use the chat room or enter into discussions without being bothered by ads.Other Internet marketing tips include experimenting with your site, checking it’s layout and it’s effect on visitors. Do they stay and look around or log on and leave immediately. I recommend using Google Analytics to keep track of your site static’s.Automating your site, as much as possible, also frees you and your time up to look for more information to share or for other products that might be a fit for the niche that you’ve chosen.A recipe for success is to always be looking for new content. Don’t let your site get stale or people will have no reason to come back if the main page always stays and looks the same. Sometimes finding a balance with blogging, giving away free advice and offering commercial products is a little like walking a tight rope, it requires having good balance.I hope these Internet marketing tips help you get your online business started and you start making money online now or as soon as possible.

5 Simple Affiliate Marketing Tips for Newbie Affiliates to Make Some Real Money Online – Marketing Tips

Affiliate marketing is a proven way for making money online from the comfort of home. It allows you to sell other peoples’ products and get huge commissions on every sale. Promoting a digital product online for free is not very hard, that’s why lots of worldwide people trying their hands at affiliate marketing business. And they are trying to make their fortune online with affiliate marketing business.Unfortunately, most of newbie affiliates quit this online business early without making enough dollars. It happens because they don’t put the basic affiliate marketing tips on their online business endeavor.Here are 5 affiliate marketing tips that will help you to generate quick affiliate sales.1 – Know the strategies of big name marketers: There are lots of big name marketers on almost every niche. You should know what strategies they take to promote the product. For this, just set up a separate email account for taking follow-up emails form those marketing experts. And read their emails whenever you get. Also, frequently visits their sites and take a note how they are promoting affiliate products.2 – Choosing the right product: Always choose a reputed product which offers a fair commission on each sale. Also, it must have a good conversion rate. Stop promoting a product which has less than 1% conversion rate.3 – Find desperate and curious persons who are willing to pay something for information: In affiliate marketing business, you will make money only when someone spends money from his pocket. So, it is not a genius trick to use the word ‘FREE’ while focusing on generating traffic. A person who is willing to find something for free should be not a possible customer for you.4 – Give separate page for each affiliate product: You are getting visitors on your affiliate website it means that they are willing to find a little more information on your niche or affiliate program. So, don’t bother your visitors by recommending plenty of products or services on a single webpage. It will decrease your credibility as an expert in your niche.5 – Hiding the affiliate link: It is very important these days. If you are not taking any steps to hide your affiliate links, then probably you are losing your affiliate commissions. Buying a domain name and forwarding it to your affiliate link is the best way for newbies to hide their affiliate links. It just needs a few dollars investment (less than $10 for a year) to buy a domain name and forward it to an affiliate link, and it doesn’t need any technical skill.So, these are the 5 affiliate marketing tips for newbie affiliates to make some quick affiliate cash. Now you need to use all these tips on your marketing campaign. Just remember that if you don’t go to buy a lottery ticket, then you won’t able to win the lottery.

A Few Simple MLM Blog Marketing Tips To Get More Leads – Marketing Tips

Are you looking for a few extra blog marketing tips that can help you earn more income or gather a few more leads? Having a blog is an important part of using marketing strategies to help you turn a faster profit in your business. There are several things you can do when you have a blog, and even if you don’t have a blog they are not that hard to create nowadays with so many resources available out there.One of the most basic things you need on your blog is an opt in form on the main home page that is giving something of Value for FREE. This is one blog marketing tip where many people go wrong. You want to be very specific with your offer and not have something very generic. For example, How I made $8213.43 in 48 hrs and how you can too with this simple marketing technique. Again be very specific so people understand exactly what it is they are getting that can help them with what their needs are. Having a blog is not about what you are doing with your business, it’s about what you can do to help others and give value so you can build a trusting relationship and so they will come back more often to get tips and ideas.Another great blog marketing tip is that you want to be an active blogger and post at least three times per week. Not having regular active content for people to learn from means that you are on the web, but your store really isn’t open. The more active you are, the more value you give is more content being created and more people following you that is a bigger market for you. So spend an hour or two at least times a week creating a post for others to learn from.Another great blog marketing tip is to have a video of yourself on the blog saying hello to people or giving a call to action to get a free offer that you have to help them. Having other videos of other people giving testimonials of you or edifying you as the leader you are can also help people understand that you are a person of value and business savvy that they can follow or learn from. So again, having not only written context as value, but having videos will help your blog be more appealing to your market and mix things up a bit.Another very important blog marketing tip that can help your self go viral across the internet is to have a place where people can link to your social media sites that you are active on, so they can connect with you there also. Some of the top sites that are recommended are icon links for Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, MySpace, Linked In, and Digg. There are so many social media sites nowadays but those are a few to get you started with.One last blog marketing tip that is crucial to the whole entire foundation of how your blog is created is to have a self hosted blog. There are many services which can host your blog which you can pay for either weekly or monthly so if you have a lower budget you can still simply afford to create one. One of the most highly recommended blog services on the entire Internet by other markets would have to be HostGator. They have a toll free customer service number and are extremely helpful if you need to call them for assistance, and no question is a stupid question.Having a self hosted blog will be a better way for the search engines to find you as people use Google, bing or yahoo to search for your information.One final blog marketing tip on that note, you can have the best looking blog out there with many fancy looking items, but if no one knows you exist it will do absolutely nothing for you. Driving traffic is the most important part to getting customers or getting people to join your business. See you on the beaches!

Mining Share Market Tips Made For Managing Migraines – Marketing Tips

If you are new to the world of speculating in resource stocks, especially junior mining companies, there are some pivotal pieces of advice that can make or break you. Unless you have nerves of steel and an iron stomach, I suspect you’ll benefit from these mining share market tips. Some of these could literally keep you from unnecessarily wanting to throw yourself under a bus.First, let’s clear the air and confess that we are talking about speculation. Yet, let’s also be fair and acknowledge that there is a world of difference between educated speculation and rank gambling that approximates throwing darts. When I’ve been reckless with my investment dollars, I’ve tossed money to the toilet like I was taking out the garbage. Been there, done that. But, with well-researched, prudently-placed bets, I’ve also watched my portfolio rack up 20 or so triple digit winners, and I’ve even seen a four-digit return! This isn’t so much one of my mining share market tips, but it’s healthy to put things in their proper perspective from the outset.With that out of the way, let’s look at the second point I want to make. You are investing in perhaps the most violently volatile sector in all of the investing world. If you can’t handle, wild, unjustifiable swings, stay away. And I’m not talking about 5 or 10% moves. I’m not even talking about 15 or 20% moves. I’m talking about stocks that can move 30, 40, or 50% over time. If there is just one of my mining share market tips you need to understand, it is this one. You will drive yourself nuts if you expect these companies to trade like your average NASDAQ or DOW stock.More really needs to be said about this most important of the mining share market tips, so here’s a poignant example. Heck, in the meltdown in the fall of 2008, I watched some of my positions give up 90% or better! Some of you would be mortified as the red glow of all those 90%+ losses lit up the room. I backed up the truck and bought like a madman. Today, I’m blessed for having done so. Just understand that these aren’t just small cap companies we’re talking about. Some of these are more like sub-micro caps! They are thinly traded and it doesn’t take much action to see big price swings in either direction. But, let’s face the facts. A 40 cent company can endure a 10,000% return and still trade for just $40. By contrast, a $40 stock would be at $4,000 a share if it increased 10,000%. I really don’t see that happening.Third, and building upon the prior mining share market tips, understand how this volatility might affect your trading strategies. I thought I had discovered the Fountain of Youth the day I discovered trailing stops. But trailing stops in this market sector will get you in big, big trouble. I repeat the fact that these stocks can swing big, even to the downside, and essentially nothing has happened fundamentally with the company. I’ve even seen companies improve fundamentally over time, and yet their share price is 20% lower than before. You’ll learn that movement is your friend, allowing you to buy bargains when others are running for the hills. Trailing stops in this arena will only get you stopped out of a great position, while handing the house your money unnecessarily.The fourth of my mining share market tips has to do with patience. If you have done your homework, or relied upon advice you trust, then you have to be patient. Not too long ago, I was growing incredibly inpatient with a company called Hathor. I had watched my other positions move nicely on a decent leg up. Hathor was just camping out; in fact, it was down a bit from previous highs. If anything, the company was a better investment than when I first took a stake. One morning I was increasingly disturbed, watching my capital stand still while other positions lifted like a hot air balloon. The next thing I knew, later that very day, all hell broke loose. It never looked back and continued climbing. It went from about $1.75 to $3.50 in a couple of months, for a nice double. The lesson is that, had I sold, I’d have been racing to catch a runaway train. I don’t see Hathor ever coming back to $1.75. As I like to say, you have to arrive at the party before there’s a party!I have more mining share market tips for you. Fifth, at some level, accept the fact that you’re trying to catch a falling knife. There is a temptation to chase stocks. The bottom line is that I’ve been stubborn and refused to pay the extra penny to get on board. I’ve regretted it as the bus left the station. Specifically, I could have had Great Panther at $1.09. I therefore refused to buy it when I reconsidered at $1.38, on the grounds that it was now too expensive. I watched it go to over $2.00! I was later glad to get in at $1.71. I’ve also jumped on board with heart racing, only to see the stock go on sale. My best advice here is to take a partial position if you’re ambivalent. If you can’t decide whether to buy or wait, then do both! Get an initial “tranche,” and then keep some powder dry for a rainy day. If the stock runs away, at least you’re on board to some extent. If it goes on sale, average down and count your blessings!Sixth, and for the last of my mining share market tips, let’s talk about market orders. If you are trading these stocks on the pink sheets in the United States especially, you will not want to use market orders. The bid-ask spread is far too great and you will get murdered. The market makers are glad to take you to the cleaners. Use strict limit orders, but heed the advice of the other mining share market tips, particularly number 5 above. Keep these things in mind and you can make a fortune in junior resource stocks, without having to spend it all on medicine for your migraines!

Stock Market Tip for a Smooth and Profitable Trading Experience – Marketing Tips

The most vulnerable type of trade or business in India is shares in the stock exchanges. Shares are greatly affected by any internal occurrence within the country or crucial events taken place outside the country. An important stock market tip is to keep a close watch on environmental conditions, positive or negative political happenings, government policies and other related international issues. Other factors that can also have a significant bearing on the share market are instabilities in demand and supply, national trading policy, and wars or grave military situations. Therefore, an Indian stock tip becomes all the more essential to make a successful foray into the market. Stock exchanges in the United States of America and their broad financial policies and volume of trades are determining factors for other international share markets.In addition, shares are susceptible to any noteworthy developments of the day or any favorable or unfavorable news. In third-world nations, they are repeatedly exposed to political turmoil. Even the performance of the cricket team in India can affect the market considerably. Once trading commences in the morning, its course may alter all of a sudden. Therefore, share market intraday tips for such a volatile circumstance can put traders in an advantageous position.There are specific individuals who adopt the technique of long term trading and wait until they receive yearly, half or quarterly bonus or they become a partner of the company in its account books. There are also other individuals who try to catch bucks in day-to-day trading. This is said to be their means of making money. They make use of share market intraday tips to analyze the market trends and buy stocks for a brief time period. With a slight margin of profit or a clue of any form of loss, they simply get rid of stocks. Brokers operating in the market are the major gainers. They earn sizeable profits in this type of trading using a stock market tip. Hence, such tips play a significant part in deciding the ultimate fate of traders, brokers and all other persons involved.Optimistic movements in the stock exchanges are not always deciphered easily during the beginning phases, apart from blue-chip stock. Experts maintain a close watch on the companies who are at the threshold of declaring their shares and offer advices to all those who are in need of them. They also take into account any government policy that is waiting in the pipeline to get approved. People can also subscribe to Indian stock tip on mobile by activating this service offered by the concerned company.

5 Common Search Engine Marketing Tips – Marketing Tips

Strategies like search engine marketing are becoming quite common these days. It is basically an integration of PPC and search engine optimization campaign that is quite effective in attracting more and more people on a specific website. The primary reason of adopting it by the business owners is to create more awareness of their business on the internet in order to hike profits.Simply going for this strategy will not bring any result that a business owner can consider as favorable. It is thus very necessary to know some of the best search engine marketing tips that help you in keeping up the pace all the time. Listed below are the 5 common search engine marketing tips which are a big yes-yes for your business.1. Give equal importance to the landing pages of your websitesUsually web owners made a mistake by keeping an eye on their home page only. You have to understand that other pages of the website are also important as if the users land on a page where they cannot find anything related with what they were looking for, probably they will ignore your page and leave without making any transaction. Thus you must make it sure that your landing pages are also having useful content, features, design and so on.2. Focusing on the content and qualityOf course the content representing your business image on its official website and on other platforms play an excellent role in search engine marketing. Ensuring that the content is informative and is best in all the aspects is one among the top search engine marketing tips.Write the content in such a way that it attracts the interest of people and you will surely have favorable fortune in SEM. Also focus on the quality of the web design and development to attain more success and keep the density of keywords balanced while writing the content.3. Keep building the linksBuilding the links is one among the most recommended search engine marketing tips as it diverts the traffic from other networks to your own website. Link building is purely based on your relations with other websites. As a beginner you can begin with blogs and websites that allow free article submission on them. Make you’re the website that you choose have enough traffic to be diverted on your own website.4. Don’t forgot to set web analytics software on the siteIt really doesn’t matter that whether your website is old or new over the World Wide Web, you have to keep this thing in mind that web analytics software is something that can help you in SEM up to a great extent. It unconditionally helps you to know the time spend by knowing the visitors of your website and which pages of the website attract their attention. With this kind of information you can simply get an idea that which pages needs improvement and how to make the visitors to stay longer on the website.5. Keep posting the adsPosting the ads time to time on different platforms over the internet is one of the most common search engine marketing tips. Search engines divert more traffic on a specific website through ads that can be published on them. Thus posting ads will help you in keeping up the pace in this matter of concern.

One Network Marketing Tip That Will Change Your Business Forever – Marketing Tips

Most network marketers struggle for years with old-school marketing techniques that are guaranteed to fail. If they are like the typical networking recruit, they will give up pretty soon after starting, because they either run out of enthusiasm, run out of money, or run out of both.Here is one network marketing tip that can change your business life for ever. The essence of network marketing is to create your own business into which you will eventually work full-time when you quit your day job. The basic assumption most new network recruiters make is that everyone they try to recruit wants to have their own business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most people are happy working for a salary. Their lack of enterprise has nothing to do with their education, or even their current financial status. Some folks are just not ready for entrepreneurship.Knowing that some people will not be interested in starting a business, you must therefore find a way to separate potential business owners from potential customers who will buy your products. If your product is good, you can make great money selling it to your customers. The one network marketing tip that will grow your business dramatically however, is your ability to find and nurture the business builders among your recruits. There are some people who are just natural business owners. These potential business owners will be your ticket to the top of your sales team.One quick way to find and recruit potential business owners is to create separate advertisements for each. Product customers will respond to the product offerings. Potential business builders will jump at the opportunity to build their own businesses. When you are aware of the difference between these two people, you will be better able to give each one what he wants. In turn, you will get what you want. You will get a group of customers to buy your products and a group of business builders who will help you grow your business. This one network marketing tip has the potential to help you earn a six figure income within six months from now.

Online Network Marketing Tips For Beginners – Marketing Tips

People have historically joined a network marketing company for the unlimited potential that this type of business model offers the average person. For many years the method of building this type of business involved home parties, business luncheons and hotel meetings, but the internet has transformed the way the MLM world does business. When the vast opportunities afforded by the internet is combined with the unlimited potential of network marketing the results are nothing less than mind boggling. The key to making this work is the proper implementation of proven tools, techniques and strategies. Here are a few basic online network marketing tips that can be utilized by seasoned veterans and beginners alike.The foundation of any online MLM strategy is personal branding. Personal branding involves the actions you take to identify yourself as both an individual and a valued resource in the field of multi level marketing. This should be the focal point of all that you do. You as the individual takes precedence over the products and company that you represent. Remember you are one point of distribution in a network made up of hundreds if not thousands of other distributors, so your ability to distinguish yourself from the crowd is critical.The first marketing tip deals with the online address where people will find you, also known as a domain name. Select and purchase a domain name that will brand you in the mind of your prospects. Even though your multi level marketing company may provide you with a company replicated website, it is better to use a forwarded domain that points to that site than simply using the company domain with your distributor number at the end. The best choices in domain names are something that includes your name or conveys the idea of your product or service. You will also want to set up an email address on this domain as your primary business email address.The next online marketing tip is to start a blog. Blogs are a great way for people to get to know you personally and the blog allows you to present value to your prospects. One of the best features of a blog is that you can even start one at no cost through services such as Blogger and WordPress. Your blog needs to represent you as an individual, not just a product pitch man. Share your experiences, thoughts, feelings, victories, failures, etc… Your prospects need to see that you are indeed a real person. By the same token you need to provide valuable content, so that they are compelled to return on a regular basis. Even if you know very little about this business, you can share the things you are learning. Remember, eve if you are a novice, you know more than someone else. Your blog should become the central hub for your marketing efforts. Everything you do to market yourself should direct prospects to your blog and then your blog should point them to your products, company, opportunities and training as an outflow from the blog. It is also important that you remain consistent with your blog. Make sure that you are adding content multiple times each week, so that your readers have a reason to return. Stale blogs are like stale bread…nobody wants them.The final marketing tip for online beginners is the use of social media. Social media is the new front porch, back fence and local pub of the global community. Social media is the place where people share their lives and exchange ideas with one another. Your face needs to be seen in this arena and your voice needs to be heard. The wrong use of social media is the constant promotion of product and company. In online circles this is called “spam.” The correct use of social media is relationship building and social interaction. Talk about the work your doing today, talk about the conference you attended yesterday, talk about the new blog entry you just posted and ask for feedback. When used social media is used correctly people will be drawn to you almost on autopilot and they will take a greater interest in the other aspects of your life including your MLM business opportunity.These online network marketing tips will get you off to a good start. Take the time to invest in additional training and knowledge to help you truly capitalize on these strategies.

Quick and Easy Article Marketing Tips – Marketing Tips

I found it frustrating when I first started article marketing. It seemed like my content was never read! Over time, I have found and discovered some article marketing tips for both writing and promoting content that make a HUGE difference. Try to apply these following tips to get some amazing results.ARTICLE MARKETING TIPS ON WRITING:1. Value: You can promote your article all you want, but unless it has some solid information, no one is going to want to read it. Make sure you are providing value.2. Shorten/Break It Up: Make your article short and easy to read. People browsing the internet for information do not want to read a book. I usually shoot for 450-600 words.Use short sentences, break up the writing into paragraphs, and add italics and bold font when necessary so your readers can skip to the parts that interest them most.3. Keywords: Keyword research is necessary for those marketers that want to rank high in the search engines organically. It’s about finding a key-phrase that gets searched for often, but does not have too much competition. Google’s Keyword Tool and Market Samurai are resources that can set you on the right path.Once you find a good key-phrase I would put it in the body of the article once every hundred words and include it in your title. (My key-phrase for this article is “article marketing tips”).4. Intriguing Title and Synopsis: How many times have you opted NOT to read something because it sounded boring? I believe we all have, so don’t shortchange your title! I recommend writing your title and synopsis before you write the article body, since you will likely be more motivated at the beginning.5. Killer Resource Box: Instead of putting a bio here, put a course of action for your readers. Show them where they can get more valuable info and guide them to a RELEVANT landing page or blog post.ARTICLE MARKETING TIPS ON PROMOTION:1. Blog: It’s hard to find a better long-term strategy than a blog! It can serve as your content and article homebase which will make it a magnet for the search engines. You can add graphics, opt-in forms, videos, ads, etc., to make it a powerful lead-generation tool.2. Only Wire syndication: Onlywire.com is a cool syndication service that will automatically send out your article to all the hot social networking sites including twitter, digg, del.icio.us, and many others.3. Facebook Groups: If you don’t have a Facebook account, you should get one now. It’s a great place to meet other people in your niche. They may also be interested in your content! You can join multiple groups in your niche, (e.g. network marketing groups) and post your content on the wall so multiple people in that group can view it.4. Email Marketing: Send out your top articles to people on your Email list.5. Join A Tribe: You will get much more exposure for your content when joining a tribe. Everyone shares each others content which is a win-win situation for all. Some top tribes include The Unified Tribe, TSA Mastery, and Tribe Pro.